Thursday, August 30, 2012


I picked up Jubilee on Wednesday and took her right to the vet. She had been testy at the home where she was found, but I think it was fear. She was dumped there or wandered there, but it was out in the country, so I think she was dumped. She had to travel down a long gravel road to find a friendly home that would help her.I went to visit her at the vet yesterday to see how she was doing. She had had a bath for her poor skin. She had been covered in fleas. But, her tick/heartworm panel was negative! So glad!Susan (Tinsley's foster mom) went with me and Jubilee let us pet her. She enjoyed a back scratch-- "do that again!"You can tell she is a thin ten pounds-- but a pound or two will be what she needs to feel better. She'll be spayed next week."Get that spot.""And there, too." Jubilee let us pick her up, fool with her ears (which are infected) and she gently took treats from me.I was so pleased with how much fear she has let go of. I think she has a bright future. I still need a foster home for her. She's staying at the vet right now. Email us if you'd like to help. .

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lady jicky said...

Please give Jubilee a big old scratch for me Linda !!!

Kisses to sweet Jubilee :)