Monday, August 6, 2012


This is Teddy. He came to visit one day. He is Drake's foster brother. Teddy is a great Peke! Beach Bit was very happy to meet him and it was mutual. Teddy loves kids.He was fine with being petted by Beach Bit.He met Kai Kai also. Aren't they both pretty!Kai gets his pictures taken a lot and is a good sport about it.Beach Bit loves all the Pekes who come through here-- and most like him, too!


lady jicky said...

Oh My Linda ... beach bit is getting older! Where does the time go ????

Bonnie said...

such cute pics - love dog and kid pics! My favorite is the one with both in your lap and looking at each other! :)

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

From Ted - We had a great day, Miss Linda, even though I left there and went to the vet, where I stayed a couple days and they did surgery on my face. But nonetheless, I really enjoyed visiting and getting to meet all your Pekes & especially Beach Bit!