Sunday, August 12, 2012


Our foster Peke, Tommy (at Jeanne's house) had knee surgery. He is doing great!He is going to use swimming as a therapy to help him get strength back after his surgery. A friend donated a life jacket to him!Do I have to wear this thing?Okay, that's it! Stop laughing at me! :-) (We think you are very cute in it!)


lady jicky said...

He is very cute in his swimming jacket!!

Marian Brzostek said...

We love you Tommy !

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Ted is a good swimmer, without a life jacket. His favorite spot was the Rappahannock River; just walked down the boat ramp and paddled away like he was a duck! He has, however, discovered the advantages of a life jacket. And his favorite now is floating around on a pool raft!

Chris said...

What a fantastic donation, the swimming jacket! He is a precious little guy - I bet he will do just fine with his swim therapy. Thanks for taking such wonderful care of him, and thanks to Foster Mom - all lives are enriched through PekeLove!