Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This is Cowboy Opie. His rescue transporters (thank you Kay and Claretta!) said he was a "don't fence me in kind of guy." Love that. His new foster mom might call him Opie-- so I just combined his names. As long as you call him, he's fine!Cowboy Opie is just happy-- what can I say. He is laid back and does great with other dogs. He was found wandering on a street in over 100 degree weather. He was half dead when he was picked up. His owner came to the shelter but refused to pay the shelter fines to get him out. It's probably a good thing for Cowboy that he wasn't pick up and could come to us for care and love.He rode in a carseat on his ride out of the shelter. Somehowhe managed to get out of it and ride on the seat. Cowboy Opie is about 8-10 years old. He has weak back knees, but has no problem getting around-- he even goes up and down the deck steps to the yard on his own. I offer him a ride, but he does it himself.He was neutered and had a dental-- it was risky because he does have a heart murmur. He is on medicine for this. We're hoping this improves as he gets healthier. He was in rough shape when he came into rescue-- he had been flea bitten and lost a lot of hair. His skin is healthier now. He is beautiful!This little one is so sweet-- if I could keep another, I would. Cowboy wants a forever home. He has years to live and it could be with you! He is a wonderful boy!


lady jicky said...

What a beautiful boy Linda!!!

Have Gun , will Travel !!! LOL

Phyllis Mahoney said...

He is the spitting image of my Cosmo! What a gorgeous guy.