Saturday, April 27, 2013


 Piper usually picks a nice place to take a nap-- but not on this occasion.     He got up on the couch, sank into the cushions and slowly slid between the back of the couch.
 The ottoman is a better place to sleep.
 Or a dog bed/pillow.  That works just fine.
 Cranberry knows the floor or a rug makes a great bed.
Not Piper.   He got on the couch and picked the middle where there's no support.
And he fell right through the two cushions, not bothered a bit, lightly snoring and perfectly comfortable.   I just don't get it.   Are you sure you're okay, Piper?    :-)


lady jicky said...

Yes but Linda - how many beers did Piper have???? LOL

Michael Roane said...

How many beers, Lady Jicky, is what they call his sleep number. LOL!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

LOL Piper is such a clown!

Tricksie Talon said...

Why do they do this? LOL
My Molly, who passed two weeks ago tomorrow, used to sleep with her head against things, like baseboards, chair legs, know that had to hurt after awhile!

I just found your blog and I have to thank you. It's nice to read the stories and see the good you're doing with the rescue Pekes. I am no where near you, but when things loosen up for me I will try to make a donation.

Thank you for all you're doing.