Thursday, April 4, 2013


 Little Rosie was rescued from the shelter by Tracey and her family.  She now lives a wonderful life with her new family.  
 She has beds and toys and lots of love.  
 Rosie went to see Gracie Lu and Jane.    Gracie said, "Who is that who has come to visit us?   Rosie is a puppy--I think. She is about the size of my head and I was very careful not to be rough cause she was so little and so cute. She is sixteen years old and has just come to live with Tracey and Macie and Shadow and Colby and Pollyanna (all pekes) and two cats and Michael and Amanda who comes and takes me for walks.
 Tracey made pictures of me and Mom and I gave her kisses and she gave me kisses and we had fun. Sure do love my Mom. But then I love Rita and Peggy and Cherie and all the folks at Brentwood. I am really sweet.  Maybe if I kiss mom a lot, she won't notice that Rosie is here."
It didn't work.   She saw Rosie and had to hold her.   Oh well.  I guess I can share.  Have a great day."
 Love Gracie


lady jicky said...

Love you Gracie Lu and your new pal Rosie!!!

from the gal's in Australia :)

Tracey said...

I love Gracie and Jane! They are just the sweetest. Gracie is so good with visiting dogs! She did great when I brought Pollyanna to visit her as well.