Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My friend, Cherry, lost her little Lovie this week.   She adopted Lovie from a rescue.   She gave this little blind dog a wonderful home to live the rest of her life.    She was able to celebrate holidays with her new family.
 Here, she went out in the sunshine and snow-- it was just too cold for her.    She was ready to go right back in!
Lovie went outside as usual, and when she didn't come back in, her mom went to the back porch.  Her little Lovie had gone out to her special yard, laid down and took her last breath.   She died after having a life full of love.    Cherry gave her that.   Rest in peace, Lovie.
+++++  Lovie's owner just sent me this and I wanted to share it:   
Linda,  I got Lovie on 7/23/07 and I believe she was around 9 (give or take) when she left me.
She was a wonderful example of what courage is all about. After she lost her 1st eye, she managed just fine. After she lost her other eye, she (very soon) learned how to find the porch steps after she fertilized my grass; she would climb them into the enclosed porch, find the watering hole and came on into the den.....found an empty dog bed, crawled in and curled up for another nap. She just did not give up, give in or give out. She fought blindness all the way. She also had a very good appetite.

I loved her with all my heart. She slept with me until she lost that last eye. She would sit in my lap and lavish the rubbing and petting she was getting. I had her in my lap the night before she left. I'm so glad......."
Another friend sent this and I think it says so much:  "the beautiful Lovie who recently passed away is shown in the picture with sun and snow. To me, she looks just like she's found her way to Heaven and is walking among the clouds. My thoughts and condolences go out to her mother."     Thank you to all the caring readers who know what Lovie's mom is going through.

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lady jicky said...

Oh that is just so sad but .... Lovie had a wonderful life to the end .
Sorry for your loss .