Wednesday, July 1, 2020


It's JULY!!  How did that happen.  Mattie is ready!
Gracie is glad there is air conditioning.
 Some of you live near the beach.  So, you can go when you want.  Augie, Zia and Lili are making sure the waves aren't close.
 Bandit, Thurston and Thea run for the waves!
 Butters is ready.  (Just make sure the sand isn't hot-- and the temperature is moderate.  Pekes can't handle the heat.)
 CJ says the pool will have to do.
 Cody, Augie and Dakota are having a fun day.
 Dakota likes his pool, too.
 Fia's Pekes and friends pose pool side. 
 Gigi went to the SC beach when it was cooler.
 Harley's family vacations at the beach-- hope they can go this year!
 If not, a pool will have to do.  Igor and Bo think that's fine.
 Lu joined his mom was a cool pool dip.   He has to share with mom's feet-- it's a great way for people to cool down, too. 
 Schmoo was trying to surf.   I don't think a few inches of water is going to work.
 Schmoo, Pudgie and Schmoo pose for us. 
 Sebastian lets the wind blow in his hair. 
 Shark is Gigi's brother-- he is getting older, but walking on the sand doesn't bother him.
 Simba, another PVPC alumni posed twice for us.  Look at the sunset!
 He's watching. 
Sneaky Wu said he's ready to head to the beach.  He has his board ready!  Are you going to the beach this summer?   (Remember my blog on flat faced dogs and the heat and be cautious.   If your dog does begin to have trouble breathing, put their feet in water to begin cooling them down, and head to the vet quickly.)

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LadyJicky said...

Oh the beach..... that means warm weather!!

How I wish I was with all those peke's at the beach as its super cold here at the moment.Well, it is winter I guess.

Enjoy your summer everyone!!!