Tuesday, June 30, 2020


 Six years ago, I saw this picture.   I could NOT get it out of my mind. 
 The eyes looked right into me.   SO..... we took him into rescue. 
 And he did so well. 
 He went from this shelter picture...
 To this, once he was in his foster home.    He was transformed.
 He sniffed the grass.
 He ran and played and was a loved boy.   He needed to lose weight and he did.   He was roly-poly. 
And he was adopted and has had the best six years!   Can you see how much he loves his mom.  
 He and his mom and dad have gone on an adventure.
 Off to the country and having fun.  Social distancing at its best.
 And the views!
 We thought Tucker was about 8 when we got him.  If that's right (and we're not sure), he's about 14 now.   He doesn't look it though. 
His mom gives him rides so he won't get too tired.
Tucker went from unwanted to truly loved.  What a precious boy.  ❤️

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LadyJicky said...

With love and care Tucker looks like a different dog Linda!!

Oh he is just so sweet and what wonderful fur-parents he has :)