Wednesday, July 29, 2020


I’m taking some time to just reflect on my Clara.  Paddington and Piper are trying to cheer me up by racing around, barking and being silly.  (Piper is part poodle and we think part Llasa so I’ve been hand trimming him.  He sees the groomer soon. I’m not very good!)
 Callie is constantly coming up and smiling w her tail wagging.
 I’m not ready to do Clara’s farewell blog but I’m planning it in my head.  It’s how my brain works.   So, I worked in the grandbits rooms.  Some will be living w us for awhile. ❤️
 I hung new pictures w my middle granddaughters help.
 One of the bedrooms is big so that is the girl grandbits room. (The playpen is for dogs, not kids lol.)
 There is a  queen and a single  in there so they can all snuggle.
The boy Bits have their own room w airplane pictures, army figures, carriers and airplanes under the bed.
 But, the girls room is all sweet and pink— even though they can be as tough and rambunctious as the boys!  
I’ll do Clara’s blog soon.  I want it to be right for her.  I’m taking time from the computer, visiting my daughters and holding Clara’s memories in my heart.  I’m so grateful I had her for awhile. 💖


LadyJicky said...

The bedrooms are looking good !

Take time and rest Linda.

Lost Earring said...

What beautiful work you have done with your decorating. I love the colors and the pictures you have hung in the rooms.

Please rest and enjoy your wonderful family both human and Furs.

Debi said...

Thank you Linda for checking in. Thinking of you often. So glad you are getting some time with your family. I know your heart is full of love. Soglad I've got to experience it. Sure do love those Pekes.