Friday, July 31, 2020


Can it be the last day of July?  I'm not sure we are ready for August, but we hope it's a safer month for all of us.   No matter what is happening in the world, there are always happy Peke stories to share.  Here is one.  
Genise has fostered and adopted from PVPC for a long time. 
She found out this little "stud dog" needed a home.  The breeder was no longer going to use him. 
Genise didn't hesitate to step up to help him last winter.  He immediately felt at home with her.
He had a thick, long coat so he was trimmed down some.
He needed to learn some house manners, but belly bands are awesome.  He's been with her over 8 months now (am I right?) and is absolutely loved.   He's such a sweet boy and he loves his new home.
Once a rescuer, always a rescuer, right, Genise?  No matter where they come from, rescued dogs are awesome!   They seem to know they have arrived at a safe, forever place and they respond with so much love.    Sam, you are beautiful.  ❤️


LadyJicky said...

Oh Genise , your Sam is adorable !

He looks like he has a bushy moustache just like that hunky Tom Selleck - especially in his Magnum PI days.. so handsome and so is Sam!!!

Lost Earring said...

It's always an upper to read beautiful rescue, foster and adoption stories .Especially in these terrible pandemic days.

Thanks for sharing.