Saturday, August 1, 2020


Is it August already?! 
 It’s been a long week.   I’m home from my daughters and need to spend time grooming my gang.
 I spent so much time with Clara that I got behind w the rest.  (And I don’t regret one minute w my Clara— I’d do it all again.). Chumley was trimmed yesterday and bath is today.
 We had storms and Callie, who loves to be outside, said, “let me in!”
 She was rescued four years ago and she must have lived outside.  But, she’s just fine curling up on the couch.  Ummm, don’t take all the space.
 Barty, my daughter’s dog, will be living here now and he sports a bright orange belly band.
 Minnie was bathed and trimmed.   She gets very “antsy” and blow drying is quite an adventure.
 Piper was trimmed up. I’m learning to work w his curly hair.
Sweet (Bad Pad) Paddington had his time and bath and he can relax.  Why is it they don’t like grooming.   Oh well.  It will all get done.   PS. Do you trim your own dogs?  


LadyJicky said...

Bingo Linda ...... Yum Yum was smelly and I did a bath and a groom today.

Pekiegirl said...

They look great! Good job! I’m sure they aren’t as bad as my Yogi Bear! None of yours tries to eat you while being bathed/dried/groomed! ��

Debi said...

Bathe yes, trim yikes. We're still work on brushing without a growl. At least now we have turned it into a game. I fear the nails too. I fear cutting them in the quick. But i have no trouble with tooth brushing. Started with my fingers and advanced to the tooth brush. These dogs....are so worth it.

Lost Earring said...

This was baths and grooming weekend for our Gang of 3. We didn't get to the toe nail checks or the hair trims....there's always next weekend.

Love your bunch.