Friday, April 17, 2009

Maggie and the English Ivy

I told you in a previous post that Maggie loved having a tug of war with the English Ivy.
I've been cleaning out the leaves, so the ivy is separated and pulled apart-- and Maggie is sure there are critters under there!
We do have voles and moles-- blah! So, she is probably hearing them and is determined to find them!

So, she sniffs and digs and buries her face in the ivy, as close to the ground as she can get so she can hear them.
I think she hears one-- can she see it??
This is hard work-- she is breathing hard now! Time to take a break.
She is asking me for help-- believe me, Maggie, if I could find those critters I would-- and I'd send them packing!
Really, Mom. You can't get them either??
She's gone over to another location-- maybe she'll have better luck here.
I'll just sit here a minute-- maybe they'll come to me.
And now, she's inside-- ready for a nap. Looking for critters is such hard work!


Anonymous said...

I've never seen a vole or a mole, if Maggie ends up finding one I'd like to take a peek :)

Anonymous said...

She is certainly one busy girl on a definite mission! How absolutely cute!

lady jicky said...

Maggie - darlin, you need a gun!

Linda said...

Melinda, that is the funniest comment!! I just started to laugh!!

Anonymous said...

Maggie is so determined to get that vole/mole, I know she'll succeed!