Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LuLu Belle, Bambi Belle, Taco, and Nubby

TODAY IS MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY-- SHE'S IN HEAVEN, BUT I STILL WANT TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I LOVE YOU! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Look at these sweet Chihuahuas. I know they're not Pekes, but they have a Peke sister!!
I had the blessing of being able to visit with one of my adoptive families today. They are incredible dog owners and I loved having time with them. They are one of those families that you just love to be around-- the sweetness in the home is evident. They have such a passion for their pets. And I drank a cup of the best expresso coffee I've ever had. Thanks Jason!!
This is LuLu Belle. You've seen her before-- look at those beautiful long ears. She is a small Peke, just about 8-9 pounds. She was one of my foster dogs, and so precious. When I visited her before, she wouldn't have anything to do with me! I wonder if she thought I was taking her back. This time, though, she came to me and let me pet her. I felt so special!

Here she is with Taco. He was rescued by Fran from a back yard breeder who was "done with him." He was just going to be dropped off at the shelter. Instead, he has a wonderful home now. He is such a sweetheart! He is the one who will bring pieces of food to his girls, LuLu and Nubby.

They both look like they're getting a good rub/scratch! So cute to have them both looking up.

This is sweet Bambi Belle. She was rescued later from the same place! She has been with them a month now and has come from a timid, hiding-under-the-table dog to one who wants to play. She is still a little timid, but she's come so far. I know she'll blossom under their care.

And here's Nubby!! I LOVE NUBBY!! I didn't mind that she wanted to be in my lap too. I fell in love with this dog when I did the home check. What a sweetheart!!

TAco has a secret to tell Nubby. :-)

Taco is looking right into my heart! LuLu is gazing at her mom. Nubby is looking at something-- I'm not sure what. I think she knew I was trying to get her picture.

Now she's looking!!

And here are three of them-- Bambi was on the chair. One of these days, Fran will get all four in one picture!!

Thank you for a wonderful visit!!


Anonymous said...

No, thank you Linda for coming over. You are always welcome to stop by for some coffee, even when I move back home. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy to your mom :)