Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Most Valuable Peke Person 2009/Picnic

We had a few adoptions at the picnic (who were already approved). Here are Nico and Bao with their new dad! These are two of the nicest Peke boys and I know they'll be wonderful playmates in their new home.
And here is Teddy. His owner now lives in the DC area, so it was easy for her to come to the picnic. Teddy is about 12 now and came to her when his original mom went into a nursing home.
And here is another beauty! Can you see Melanie on the side?
This is Pooh-- I love her coloring!
And each year, we give out a Most Valuable Peke Person award-- this year is was Melanie! She has done an amazing job on the new web site. Melanie and Susan have done all the work on it, and keep it updated for us. Susan also does our newsletter. And they both help with transport, and many other aspects of rescue. (I don't have Susan's picture at the picnic-- maybe I'll get one from someone else.)
Melanie is with me and I'm holding Chance-- I think he was camera shy. Chance is my new foster dog and he's a sweetheart! He's deaf, but is a loving dog who follows me everywhere.
Here's Melanie! Congratulations on being our Most Valuable Peke Person for this year. And thank you for all that you do!


Willy and Suzy's mom said...

Congratulations Melanie! You do so much for PVPC, and thank you for all the Pekes you've saved and whose lives you've improved! You're a real Peke Hero! :-)

lady jicky said...

A big Aussie Congrats to Melanie too!
I did not win the lottery Linda but I am still buying tickets - even with this swine flu going on around the world I would still fly over to one of your Peke Parties!
I hope the adoptee's are enjoying their new Pekes!
What a wonderful thing you are all doing for those Peke's!