Friday, April 24, 2009

Pekingese Tug of War

Starlight doesn't usually play with the rest of the dogs. But, she decided to have a tug of war, and Max was ready to play, too.
They are having so much fun-- look at the determination on Starlight's face.
"I won't let go. This is so much fun!"

And neither will Max! He has a firm grip on it.
But, Max DID finally let go, so he could go and pull on the sheet with Maggie. "Do you still have that camera?"
"I'll just ignore the camera. I'm having so much fun. Doesn't she bring sheets down here to wash at least once a week? We could do this again!"
"Maggie, let go!" says Max. Scooter is encouraging Maggie to HOLD ON!
Now they're getting close-- this is serious play!
Maggie is really tugging!
Maggie and Max are such great friends-- and have been all their lives. That's why we want them to stay together-- and it just may be here!! Looks like they're ready to give each other a kiss!


Natalia said...

Good for Starlight! I am glad that she got in on the action! She's a sweet pup.

Karin said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and your husband have decided to keep Max and his Maggie together. It's like my Bambi Belle and Taco, they've been through so much together I can't bear to separate them.
Starlight reminds me of my Lulu, they never cease to amaze me!

lady jicky said...

I was reading and watching and hoping -- oooh I hope this does not end in a big fight!
No it did not - it ended in a Real Happy Ending - especially for Max and Maggie!!