Saturday, October 31, 2015


Dawson can't believe it's Halloween already.
But, he and Dollar are ready!!
Gunther is new to the pack, but he caught on quickly.
This family likes to dress up!!  
Rammi was scared of those terrifying jack-o-lanterns.
Save me, someone!
Oh, they aren't real?  Okay.
I feel better now-- but I'm keeping my eyes on them!
Kipper had on his adorable candy corn tie.   And his matching hat.
Onslow studied the props-- I mean the autumn leaf. :-)
Kipper is a cute Viking-- do you like your outfit?
Desi, you are just stunning in purple.
Desi joined them for another photo session.
She has so many outfits.   I'm sure her closet is taking over the house.
She is such a pro that the jack-o-lantern doesn't bother her a bit.   (I know Miss Peggy will love these pictures-- she adores Desi!)     One more blog tomorrow!   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


lady jicky said...

Well Halloween is sort of "taken off" this year in Australia.
I have a little flower pot at the front door with lollypops for the kids - if I do get them calling.

So Happy Halloween to you all .
I will not know how many will ring my bell as I am going out with friends tonight .. and Coco will not tell me as she is furious with me ... dogs are not allowed in Restaurants here .
Coco wants to move to Paris! LOL

lady jicky said...

There were lollypop's missing in my flower pot so I did get some visitors!!!!

I wish I was home to give them out personally but ..... had a great time with my old school friend and her hubby- we go back more than 30 years!

* Coco will not tell me how many doorbell rings ...... she still won't speak to me! LOL

Janice Gunn said...

Coco will fit in quite nicely in Paris....& I'm sure you can find her an elegant Chanel suit to go with her name....I was in Provence this September & never saw so many well-dressed dogs!

Love all the hats & costumes! Italy hasn't caught on yet. They are just now starting to allow dogs in some businesses. But dressing up? Not yet, at least in Vicenza. Sammy's jealous. He covets that cowboy hat with the turquoise gem trim! Maybe Mom's gotta look in the Toys R Us equivalents for doll clothes? I do have a gorgeous jacket that was Leah's, but it's waaay too small for Sammy.