Saturday, October 24, 2015


 You've seen these pictures before, but I wanted to let you know about Bumpers.   I had several people want him.
 His owner contacted us within 24 hours of our received him into rescue.   Some one in her family said they would take care of Bumpers when the owner had surgery, and that they would help out as needed.   His owner emailed us to ask if she could have Bumpers back.   We are in the process of helping Pekes-- and in this instance, returning him to the owner he loved was the right thing to do.  
He was with out vet, so we updated his vaccines, and tested him for heartworms-- we like to return them better than we received them.   And we did.    Welcome back home, Bumpers!!


lady jicky said...

I do hope Bumpers is happy and well .

Anonymous said...

We love happy endings and Bumpers and his owner (through no fault of his own) deserved to be re-united.

I love what the author of Must Love Pekes does for me personally. Most days there is a happy ending that plies me with the endorphins to bear reading the world and national news each morning. Chocolate supplies great endorphins but at a cost of calories, Must Love Pekes on the other hand gives me the necessary strength to stand up under the stress of this world.

Thank you Author(s) for your dedication to get up and give us a means of viewing the world in a better light.