Tuesday, October 20, 2015


 Baby is visiting me.  He belongs to a friend and she went on a trip-- so Baby came here.
 He came when there was company (Camp Runamuck in session)--
 And he loved my daughter!  
 He hung out with all of us while all the floor refinishing was going on and did great.
 He is so sweet.    He is about 11 years old and one of his knees is out of socket.  It's an old injury and surgery cannot repair it, but you should see him go if he wants to!  
 He is a precious little boy.   I said he would sleep in the laundry room with Starlight (she refuses to sleep upstairs).   Then the second day, I said, he can sleep anywhere downstairs.   The third day, I said, he can sleep upstairs.   He came to my side of the bed, looked up and stared at me.  So, he joined all of us on the bed, finding a spot right next to me and settling in.   Thank goodness, we have a king size bed!
He has worked himself into my heart.    I'm so glad he came!

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lady jicky said...

Oh what a sweetie Baby is .... he could sleep anywhere he wants in my home too.