Monday, October 26, 2015


What happened this week-end.
The leaves have been changing.
Warm Springs, VA is beautiful this time of year.   So, we decided to go there.   We stayed at the Old Gristmill Inn-- a beautiful bed and breakfast.
The bushes were stunning in color.
The mountains were peaceful.
But, Max wondered-- where did Mom and Dad go?
Chumley, Max, Starlight and Kai Kai were all asking.
Kai Kai is mom's shadow, so he was a little lost without his mom.
Starlight was confused!   "Where is my family?"
Chumley was happy, but he still missed us.  (As long as Chumley has his special toy, he is just fine.)
 You see, we went on a week-end "time out."   We hadn't had a time out for a long time.   And we wanted to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary (which was last month).    So our pet/house sitter came to stay and we left time to see the mountains and changing colors-- and to rest.
We had a great time.    No, Starlight did not get to come.   I am sure I'll hear about it this week!


lady jicky said...

You left those poor Peke's Home Alone??? LOL

What a beautiful part of America you live in Linda and I hope you two had a restful and fun time.

Coco will be left Home Alone in November ...... my hubby and I are off to Tasmania and my Mum will come over and babysit Coco , who , like Starlight ... "will not be amused!!! "

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of you and your mate standing in that field. And the array of photos are beautiful.

Can you imagine the look you would get checking in with your entire entourage arriving with their little bags of toys and snacks? It would be priceless. Probably not so much of an anniversary trip but it would make a great comedy.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Yay for you, Linda!! I am SO glad you were able to get away! I take it that Starlight does not "eat" your house sitter. LOL