Sunday, October 25, 2015


 Floyd is a little 12 pounder who was in a shelter in western Virginia.   He is probably deaf, has only one eye and that eye isn't great.    Even though he is only about 8 years old, his mouth was a mess and very infected.  
 Did we take him into rescue?  You bet!   After two weeks of antibiotics, a dental was done and 14 teeth were removed.   The surgery was very risky because he has a very bad heart murmur, but he came through just fine.   Now, his mouth will heal, the infection will continue to be treated with antibiotics and he has a chance at a wonderful life.   We don't know how long it will be because of his heart murmur, but he will live each moment with joy.
He is small and loves to be on your lap.   He is great with other dogs, and is just a nice boy all around.   If you are interested in a special need's dog, one who is sweet and ready to give his best, Floyd may be the one for you.  

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lady jicky said...

I know he is delicate but .... Floyd would make a wonderful pet for someone older who just wants a friend to sit by your side and love you :)

I am doing the Adoption Dance right now!!!