Tuesday, January 19, 2016


 Gus thinks the cold weather we are having is a good reason to just curl up and sleep.
 Bink and Oliver live close to Gus in New York City-- maybe there is a sleeping virus there.
 But, Bella lives in Virginia-- and she is tired!
 She is trying valiantly to stay awake.
 Aeneas and Sebastian are curled up together-- it keeps them warmer in the winter (even though their house is nice and toasty).
 Floyd loves to curl up and take a nap.    He doesn't care what the weather is.
 I went to the Farm to help my daughter.   She had a badly broken wrist and just had surgery, so I went to help.   And while I was there, I took a break to just sit and look out at the pasture.  
 It began to snow-- there is such a peaceful feeling to quietly sit and watch it snow.   Can you see the horses?  
 My dogs were  chilling out-- no pun intended-- they did not want to go outside, just too cold!
 Where are the people supposed to sit when the dogs all decide to sleep on the couch?
 Chumley got down and was sleeping on the floor.
 Floyd found a bag on the floor-- and that made a good bed for sleeping.
 Max found a pillow-- yes, he's was ready to sleep there.
 Pi curled up on her special bed for older dogs-- she is about 14, so winter means staying inside and sleeping more!
We came home-- and Max was all set to find his spot by the window to take a rest.   Winter is good for naps and sleeping-- for dogs and people, too!!


lady jicky said...

Its summer here and yet ...... looking at all those sleeping Peke's in the cold has made me want to take a "Nanna Nap" !!!!!!!!!1

Anna Saar said...

And Suzy Q says "Never under estimate the value of BEAUTY SLEEP! I sleep all the time maybe that's why I am so boootiful! LOL!! Hahahaha!

Anna Saar said...

And Suzy Q says "Never under estimate the value of BEAUTY SLEEP! I sleep a lot -- maybe that's why I am sooo BOOTIFUL! LOL! Hahaha!"