Friday, January 29, 2016


 Clover lives in Virginia, and she did have some snow in her yard.  
 Her brothers, LJ and Ricky, were content to just stay inside in their comfy bed!  (Their mom is getting ready to move, so her boxes are ready!)
 Maxine (in her new home) was not too sure about it.
 "What is all this white stuff!?"
 Are you getting snow glare?
 At the Farm, Pi and Gigi are using the truck tracks-- but they are used to this kind of weather and I know Gigi was running all over the place!
 Phoebe and Hannah tried to get to the back yard-- where was it!
 Inside on the window seat is MUCH better!
 Ricky is enjoying the warm indoors.    (He was one of my fosters, and he is a senior now--and still so sweet!)
Gus has the perfect solution for snow-- curl up under a blanket and stay inside.   It sounds like a plan to me!

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lady jicky said...

I would be inside at the window too! LOL