Monday, January 25, 2016


 Hurricane and his brother, Seminole-- Huri and Semi-- came into rescue in May, 2014.
 Seminole had the biggest, most adorable underbite.
 Huri was so  nice-- both of them were the sweetest, friendliest boys.
 We were told they were about ten, but they had not had the best care.
 That means that sometimes, we can do the best medical care, but not overcome everything.  We do try.
 Seminole/Semi died last May after battles with pancreatitis.   Huri was sad, but he continued on with his other foster Pekes and his foster mom, who gave him a lot of extra love.
 Huri began to have kidney trouble and started going into kidney failure.   We used meds and a new diet to try to help him overcome this.   The thing about our rescue is that we do all we can to help these Pekes in our care-- thanks to all of you who donate.    We could not do it without you.
 Huri started eating less and less, losing weight, could not get around as well, and slept most of the time.
His foster mom realized his time was limited and we were not going to let him suffer from the kidney failure.   He was lovingly held as he left this world-- but was met, I'm sure, by his brother, Semi at the Rainbow Bridge.  These two precious Pekes are now back together.   Run free now, sweet pups.   You were sure loved here.

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lady jicky said...

You make sure every dog is as well and healthy as can be and Hurricane new this.
I send prayers to his foster family at this difficult time. What a sweetie he was.