Sunday, January 3, 2016


 A shelter in WV sent me a request in 2013 to see if we would help Tucker.     I could tell he was not a full Peke-- but oh those eyes.    How could I say no.    When you are in rescue, we are asked so many times to help one "out of our breed."   We try to find another rescue to take them, but sometimes, a dog will just grab our heart and we say YES.
Tucker was adopted by a wonderful couple.    Tucker-- aka Tucky-- lives near me and they call their home, Tucker Land.   He loves to go for walks with doggie friends.
 Or just with his mom and dad.
 He loves to watch his mom prepare meals-- is it his?
 He likes dogs and kids.  
 But, most of all, he loves his family.   And curling up with them for a nap.
 He had a pre-Christmas bath.   That was not his favorite thing.
 But, after that, he had lots of snuggles and took a nap with his mom.
He is such a happy boy-- I am so glad our rescue saved him.   Sometimes, you just have to go with your heart.  


lady jicky said...

Coco tells me that Tucker is a "cutie" ...... and she would know!!! :)

I am so happy that you saved Tucker so he could go to a Wonderful Forever Home!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Wilson said...

Beautiful baby!