Wednesday, January 13, 2016


 Doolin is the dog of one of our new foster homes/parents.   He loves being held by his mom!!
 He is very comfortable with his dad, too-- can you tell.
 He's fine with just "hanging around" them. :-)
 Want to play??
 Doolin's parents have supported and encouraged us in rescue.  We love that.   They said they'd like to try to foster.    And this sweet boy needed a foster home.
 His name is Gizzie and his owner sadly turned him in to us.   He is a big boy, at 21 pounds!   He is 9 years old, so has a long life in front of him.  
 He is on some meds for his allergies and an ear infection.   He is VERY sweet.
 He was so good at his vet appointment.    He seems to be fitting right into his new foster home.   He just wants to be loved.
Doolin, are you ready to show him how great life is there?   I think you are!   Thank you to Tim and Colleen for helping us!

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lady jicky said...

Oh Wow ... what a big Bonza Boy Gizzie is ....... oh I would adopt him in a heat beat!!! Does he have a passport I wonder???

Doolin is doing a great job making sure Gizzie is feeling fine and fitting in.

I am doing my Adoption Dance right now ..... Even if its 105f ..... yes its a real HOT today .... been out making sure the birdbaths are full ... the poor birds. I just HOPE people are keeping their pets inside and cool!!!
Coco has had two baths already .... may the cool change come tonight!!!