Sunday, January 31, 2016


Floyd is my foster boy and he's so sweet.   He is one of my shadows-- he follows me everywhere.
So does Kai Kai-- both of them are rarely far from me.   Wherever I go, they go.
The playroom area is two connected rooms where I have my office now, a play area, toys, a piano...  And Sugar Bit is becoming very mobile.
Chumley is pretty good-- but now that Sugar Bit is moving around, more caution is needed with the dogs.  
Pi, my granddog is great.   The bits can do anything to her.   But, when toddlers begin to move and get in dogs' faces, I have to use more care.  As good as my dogs are, and as many grandbits as they have been around, I know they have their limitations.   So, all the dogs are not allowed in the playroom.
This board goes across one of the doors-- Kai Kai can jump over it, but no one else even tries.
Floyd and Kai Kai do not know why they have been allowed entrance-- Floyd seems to be asking Kai Kai WHY!!
So, they wait.   And Sugar Bit shakes the board just to make noise.
She is pulling up on everything, and Max was not thrilled at all.   So, he stays in the rest of the house.
I do let Floyd and Kai Kai in the playroom, but I put them on the couch with toys in front of it.   That way, Sugar Bit does not get in their faces.    I don't want a nose nipped.  And boundaries are needed when babies are around.    It's not worth an accident.
Then, there are times, when Sugar Bit just goes in the playpen and the dogs have free reign!   Oh, the horror of the playpen. :-)   She actually loves it!   I'm all for enjoying my dogs and keeping my precious grandchildren safe.

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lady jicky said...

You are a good Grandma Linda ...... you really have to be very careful with dogs and children - especially babies like the Sugar Bit.

Lovely photos :)