Monday, February 1, 2016


 I went to visit Sherry's yesterday.   She is fostering Joyful Grace, Rudy and Daisy.
 Rudy was his happy self when I was there and it's clear that he adores Sherry.
 Half of his head is shaved, and the ear canal is gone and completely closed up.
 He didn't want me to get too close to the ear-- but it is healing so well!
 One of Sherry's "rescue cats" (there are two) are still looking for a home.   This is Arris, and both cats are so small!   Arris is the friendly outgoing one.   The other is more timid.  
 Daisy the cat was next to Joyful Grace.   Joyful still wears her layers, even though today was pretty warm-- about 60 here I think.   February is coming though and that's usually our cold month.  She may need another layer!
 Daisy saw Rudy getting lots of pets, so she came over for some attention.
 She is very sweet, wags her tail a lot and is ready for a home.   She is about 13, and so nice.
 And Rudy is still adoring Sherry.
 Sherry showed me some of Joyful's outfits that have been sent to her.  
 Oh, there's Festus!    He is Sherry's Peke that she adopted from us.  He is just adorable!   His little ears stick out a bit and it just gives him charm.
 Festus is an older boy now, but you wouldn't know it.  
 And Rudy is still adoring his foster mom.   She was still pulling things out to show me.   She is holding a little stuffed animal, and it has a heartbeat sound.   Joyful Grace sleeps with it.
 She climbed on top of it after I took this picture.
 Then, it was meal time-- everyone waited patiently.
 Rudy gets his first-- because he goes to the bathroom to eat.   (Like my Starlight, he has his own dining room.)  He gets so excited that he would run over the other dogs, so he eats alone. :-)
 Daisy eats with Festus in the kitchen.
 Are you ready??
 Joyful ate on her own by the front door.   She is finally eating so well!!   YUM.
 Can you see her big bed (with her heartbeat animal) behind her.  
 And here's another cat!   If you know someone would enjoy one or two sweet cats, just let me know.
 They are under 2 years old.
 And the last thing-- Joyful has a heating "pad."   It warms in the microwave and will stay warm 10 hours!  

It's a hard "pillow" but under a blanket, it is nice and warm.  
Thank you to all of you who have helped our special needs' dogs-- we appreciate you so much!


lady jicky said...

Oh my gosh ... Sherry is doing such a wonderful and huge job looking after the peke's and cats.
If I get sick .... can Sherry look after me too? Sherry is such a wonderful nurse :)

Lovely to see Joyful and Rudy on the mend :)

Lost Earring said...

Thank you for the Joyful Grace update along with the other babies you're caring for, seeing them each on the mend and having enough food to eat and a warm bed plus endless love for them goes a long way toward saving one Fur Baby at a time and administering TLC to so many of your rescues.

poes4me said...

Joyful Grace is pure preciousness! (That's a word I created just for her.) Sherry, there's no shortage of love for you from these pekes.