Monday, February 29, 2016


 Shelby came to our rescue in 2012 after being found on the streets.   She was a tiny one.
 Her owner was found, and we passed on all the eye meds and food that we had started her on.   She was in much better shape when we returned her.
 16 months later, we were asked to take her back.   The owner did not feel she could care for her.  
 We received her eye meds back-- the same bottle.   Her eyes had not been cared for, not had the rest of her.  
 Shelby was in rough shape when she came back to us and Jeanne is fostering her.
 We are giving Shelby all the care she can have.  She has a lot of allergies and needs eye meds.
 She received some adorable outfits, and I love this dress.
Shelby is a little senior and Jeanne is doing all she can to make her life comfortable.   That's what rescue is.

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lady jicky said...

That is just so sad ..... you gave her back with medication and the owner was too Lazy to use it! Why do these people have pets ???
I know Shelby will have great attention now she is in the hands of Jeanne !
The before and the after photos ... oh my Linda !!!