Saturday, February 27, 2016


 Festus is the head dog at his house.   He share his house with cats and foster dogs.
 He has a big job showing them around, helping them feel safe.
 He keeps showing them the way to go up the ramp to the back door.
 He shows them where the water bowl is.
 He showed Norton where the beds were.
 Norton found his way up the ramp after Festus demonstrated the path.  Then, he curled up in his bed.  He even barked when Daisy-Dog bumped into him.   (Daisy is available for adoption.  Click here: Must Love Pekes: DAISY)  Norton is rolling over for belly rubs and his eyes are feeling better now that he is getting his eye drops.
 Rudy is doing great-- he curled up for a nap, too.  Going out in the yard is hard work, I guess.  He has fully recovered from his ear surgery.   His hair is back and he is a happy, adoring boy.
And of course, Joyful Grace-- she is on her special bed and has one of her cute outfits on.    Festus' home is a safe, happy place for those he is helping.  He takes his job seriously and he does it well!

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lady jicky said...

Yes he does take his job seriously .... that Festus is a good social worker!!! :)