Wednesday, February 17, 2016


IMHA-- Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.   These are words you never want to hear from your vet.  But, I heard them, not once, but twice.   Twice in a year.   Since one of the purposes of my blog is to educate, I wanted to share this link as an extra blog-- just so you have more information on it.   
Lexie came down with it, and fought it for 13 months before it took her life.   It was an emotional, long battle to save her.   In some cases, dogs can win, they can go into remission.
But, many lose the battle.   The body is fighting itself and I was racing to stay ahead of it.    I had 13 months to love Lexie and I'm glad for that.  But, I'm not glad her little body had to fight so hard, only to lose.
Koko was my foster and was adopted near me.    She came down with IMHA suddenly-- as most do.   One day, they are fine, the next day they aren't.   She battled a long time, before her body could not fight anymore.    I hope you never have to fight this battle with your dog-- but if you do, there are many resources, and a lot of support.    We call these little ones IMHA Warriors-- and they surely are, whether they win or lose the battle.    For Lexie and Koko-- you taught me so much and you will always be part of my heart.    


lady jicky said...

A shocking disease !

Sherry Atticks said...

So sorry beautiful beautiful babies my heart goes out to you

Sherry Atticks said...

I am so sorry beautiful beautiful babies