Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Look at Gizzy now!   He has come a long way since we got him.  
 His owner turned him in because he did not have time for him.  
 He has become king of the toys, it looks like.  He's a big boy--
 He is getting special baths four times a week, but that will pass as his skin is better.
 He is so good about them!
 He is just a nice boy.
 He loves his beds, and taking snoozes.
 He went out in the snow with his warm jacket on.   Good plan!!
 I think Gizzy was ready to head back in before Doolin was!
 Do you have icycles on you?
 A warm place to be after the snow is a great idea.
 Doolin and Gizzy are friends and Gizzy is good with other dogs.   His foster dad said he would get along with anybody/dog.  He is only ten, so a lot of life is left for him.
Gizzy loves for his foster mom to carry him around like a baby-- he loves all the attention he is getting now.   He calmly squeaks a toy or just curls up by her side to rest.   He is content.   If you are interested in adopting him, just let us know.   (I love the seniors!)  


lady jicky said...

What a lovely man Gizzy is!

I would adopt him in a heartbeat but I know he has no passport sadly.

Roger said...

Oh my gosh! He looks so much like his brother Bear! I have forgotten how much they look alike. Bear is, of course, the complete opposite on the behavior scale and growled at my phone when I showed him a picture of Gizzie. ;-) What can I say, Bear is Bear and that is why he is with Lucinda and me.