Friday, February 5, 2016


 We were contacted and asked to take in this mother/daughter pair.  
 We found out the owner lives in a nice, new house and did not want the dogs on the carpet, so they were kept outside or in a pen all the time.  (The garage was also their "home.")   The owner didn't feel she had time to walk or care for them anymore.  
 This is Evie.   She is little-- only 10 pounds.  She is 2 years old.   Her mom is Sadie, who is 6 and about 13 pounds.    
 Evie and Sadie are doing great on housetraining.    They are both incredibly sweet.
 I guess Evie wants all the toys!  
 Sadie is also a beauty.   Look at those eyes.
 Sharon, their foster mom, said this pair is attached to one another, so we will only adopt them together.    They could not be funnier or sweeter.  
 They are learning how nice it is to be inside, where it is warm and dry and they are cared for.  
If you are interested in a pair of sweet girls, just let us know.  


lady jicky said...

They are a really lovely couple of Blonde Peke's Linda and who ever adopts them will have tons of love and fun .
I am so sad to read they have never been in the house and the woman would not walk or look after them!

Lost Earring said...

I'm sorry for someone who thinks nice carpet can return love. It won't. How I wish I had room for 2 more babies.