Tuesday, February 23, 2016


 We had a Peke meeting at Fiona's in Richmond on Sunday.  Magnolia was very interested in all we were talking about.
 She really wanted to give her opinion-- she had a lot to say.
 Maybe she just wanted us to quit talking and go into the dining room where the goodies were.  (Thank you Fiona and Jeanne for delicious food!)
 Magnolia and Amelia (Meme) were both adopted from us and are the sweetest girls.  
 They kept watch on the door to see when new people came.
 We discussed the picnic-- we think it will be April 30 at our regular spot in N. Va.   We are checking the dates.
 Best of all, though, was when Margaret came over to visit with the Pekes.  I brought Floyd to the meeting so Margaret was able to visit with him, too.   (But, Magnolia is her special girl!)
I brought Norton home with me to go to a foster home in my area.    More on him later!   Thank you, Fiona!!   I always love to visit your home!

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lady jicky said...

That Norton is a cutie!

Well summer has come back .....over 100f and guess what ??? Our water is off.... big break in another street .... I cannot run my aircon and Coco is "Not Amused" ....me too !!! Its nearly 6 in the evening and so hot :(
Send us some snow !!!!