Monday, February 22, 2016


 Festus came into rescue in 2012.   He was in a Richmond shelter and had been there awhile.
 They asked if we could help.   Don't you love his ears!!
 He was so sweet when he came out of the shelter and he was very curious about the vet.
 "I'm ready to go!"
 He settled right in at his new home.   And the wonderful thing is that he started a bigger relationship than he could have imagined.   He decided he would help his mom be a foster mom to the Pekes in need.
 He became a sweet welcoming committee to many who came to his home for help.  
 He has the best personality, no aggression and so loving.
 He let them know they were safe there.
 We thought he was about 11 years old then, so he's over 14 now.   He is still going strong.
 He knows how to lead everyone down the ramp to the yard.
Festus is a sweet ambassador for the Pekes who come to visit-- or to stay.    We love you, Festus and your mom thinks you are the most wonderful boy in the world!!  

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lady jicky said...

Oh I do love that Festus and his ears!
You know .... Mr Festus looks like the rare Papillon Phalene because of his downturned ears! I guess we could call him a Rare new breed of Pekingese ..... a Pekingese Phalene ! Unlike a butterfly (papillon) he is Moth eared- or Phalene :)
Kisses to Festus and those spunky ears XXXX