Sunday, February 14, 2016


 Roger and Lucinda know I love to post their pictures on holidays-- and they sent me quite a selection.
 You thought it was Desi didn't you?   Not!   Desi would have a dress on.  This is Bear.  
 Cassidy is sporting red sunglasses!   He's such a sweet boy.  Check out his tie.
 Don't worry-- no chocolates for dogs.
 Dawson is ready for the photo shoot.   He has his happy heart hat on.
 And here's the girl!   Desi is decked out!
 I know she has more outfits than I do-- probably than most of us.   And they are all stunning.
 And now, the two sweethearts.  Onslow and Desi just adore each other.   They are best friends.
 And here's tiny Sampson with Desi.   Sampson came to us and was fostered by Roger and Lucinda.  He was so sick.   Once he was healthy, he was firmly established there-- I knew he wouldn't go anywhere. :-)
 Dollar must be looking up for a cookie.   He's so cute.
 Gunther came to us from an owner who had done little to care for him.  His heart is not good.
 Like my foster Floyd, he has a bad heart murmur, but he is doing great.
 There's nothing better than a vet for your foster mom!!
 Kipper is surrounded by red--   he looks very comfortable!
 I don't know how they get all these wonderful pictures!   I love them and could not leave any out.
 Monkey is still looking for a forever home.   He is about 4-5 years old.  
 If you want information on him, just let us know.  He really wants a forever home.
 Onslow, where is your girlfriend?
 And there's Rammi.   Rammi was at my house for awhile, but there was too much chaos here with all the Bits.
 He does so well with Roger and Lucinda.
 What do you think of your sunglasses?
 Are you disappointed that there is no chocolate there?  (I would be, too!)
 Sampson is very attached to Roger-- if he hears him in another room, he is all over it!  
 Wanda!   I wondered where you were.  
 You are definitely your dad's girl.   And the people at Starbucks love you.
 I know you have made many trips there with your dad.   Do they have a special drink for you?
We all want to wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day.   Reflect on your blessings, on all those in your life to love and the wonderful life you have!

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