Tuesday, January 12, 2016


 Koko came to me in March of 2014.    She was a small, 11 pound Peke, whose owners had turned her into a shelter.
 She was a beautiful little girl.
 I love this picture.   My grandson was on the couch sleeping and Koko had her head on Kai Kai and they were all taking a nap.
 Floor beds were just fine, too.
 Koko loved chasing the dogs around the yard-- she was fast!
 And she had this little "woo woo woo" that she barked.   It was adorable.
 When she wasn't playing, she was content to just hang out wherever I was.
 She even got to go to one of the Peke meetings with me.
 And she went to the farm-- she sure wanted to get those ducks!
 Look at her run!  
 She was with me 8 months when a family near me fell in love with her.   Kam saw Koko's picture and just had to meet her.   They did not live far from me either!   Koko loved her  new dad.
 Koko fit right in-- well, after she let everyone know she was in charge!  
 Koko and her buddy, Nunzio, used to race along the fence together with the dogs in the next yard.  
 Koko was diagnosed with IMHA-- the same disease that Lexie had.   It is a devastating disease and hard to fight.   But, Koko and her family gave it all they had!  
 She did well, and her mom and I stayed in touch.   Being a foster mom means falling in love a lot-- and this little girl was one of my special ones.   It is so nice when an adopting family will stay in touch.   And Koko's family did that.   I am so grateful.
Koko fought IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) and then suddenly, yesterday,she began to decline.   She died tonight.   Her mom took her to the vet and they rushed her back, but she was gone.   She determined her own time and did not suffer.    I want to thank her mom for allowing me to be there, too.   Koko has left a void in her family's heart and in mine.   She was so loving and a wonderful girl.   Run free, now, sweet Koko.   Find Lexie and have fun playing together.  


nana said...

What a beautiful little girl who lived her beautiful life.......my prayers are with her family.

Unknown said...

You made me cry again. And ZRichard cried when I called him at work. Loving dogs can be so difficult but loving them and being loved in return far outweighs the worry and the sorrow. She was a wonderful girl and I loved having her if only for 15 months. Thank you for your love and support all the time we have had her. I am so glad we came to visit on New Years Day and she got to say goodbye while she was feeling well. I owe you and Dr. Evans a debt of gratitude for all your support.

Lucy's Mom said...

Linda, I'm so sorry to learn of Koko's passing. She was the little girl I fell in love with from your pictures and reaching out to you about her was my first toe in the waters of "rescue". I wish I'd been able to adopt her but Florida? A bit complicated... I have followed her and you ever since. She obviously found a wonderful family and received all she could ever want or need of love and care. So glad she didn't suffer and did it her way. She was a love. Run like the wind, Koko!

lady jicky said...

Oh my heart goes out to you all !

What a pretty one she was and I hope she is playing with Lexie and Moi Moi at the Rainbow Bridge .

Lost Earring said...

What a beautiful love story. Thank you for sharing and condolences to those who were touched by KoKo's giving heart.