Monday, August 5, 2019


 Happy came into rescue with extremely neglected eyes.  He had lost most of his sight from lack of care.   His owner had Alzheimer's, so we know it wasn't intentional. 
 He came into rescue and Courtney, his foster mom, gave him wonderful care.
 Berry's owner wanted another dog after her boy, Berry, passed away.
 So, Courtney brought Happy down to meet her and I had the pleasure of being there, too.  His new home is less than an hour from me, and I love to watch adoptions happen.
 Courtney told the family all about Happy and his needs and personality. 
 He will sleep in the bed with his new owner (he was adopted by the whole family, who I love!).
 They had gone shopping the day before to get him new things like this comfy bed!
 Happy will have a wonderful home with a very dog-loving family.  He will have everything he needs.
And I know a girl who is extremely happy this morning.  ❤️

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LadyJicky said...

I am so happy for Happy!

My Mum has just been diagnosed as early Alzheimer's / dementia .... so I know how they forget and it is very hard to deal with them.... as I am just being to know sadly.

I love a black Peke ... as you know - I have one now :)