Friday, August 2, 2019


Ming and Fushi came to us from another rescue who mostly did big dogs.   They asked for our help and we said yes.   Their story was so sad.  Here's the blog I did on them: Must Love Pekes: MING AND FUSHI
I had a friend on facebook and we got to know each other a bit-- it happens on facebook and it's so much fun to see how things somehow happen!  I found out her Peke had passed away-- a beautiful, wonderful Peke-- and I told her about Ming and Fushi.  Just look at this sweet face!  What a smile!
They were sweet and loving dogs-- and a pair!!  A best friend already built in.  That's even better.
And they are so beautiful.
They just wanted someone to love them and give them a home together.
Their mom and dad love them so much already.  I think it's mutual.
Another wonderful ending-- or should I say beginning!-- to their story. 
I'm so glad another Peke pair has found their home.  💜💙

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LadyJicky said...

It must be so hard to place a pair but ...... little Ming and Fushi hit the jack-pot!!

So happy for them all !!!!!!