Sunday, August 4, 2019


 Mizmo keeps me busy with his needs, but he's a sweet boy-- except with Paddington.  Why don't these two like each other??? 
 My daughter is on a trip, so her dogs are here and have blended right in.   Callie has a lot of nick names for her "weight"-- she was rescued before being euthanized, heart worm positive and in need of a home.  She loves the grandkids. 
 Yes, she is Thunder Chunk LOL.   But, she's happy!
 We do a lot of this here.
 Did I say Callie fit right in-- well, maybe not in the Peke sized dog beds.  Just don't tell her.
 Leo, my daughter's black lab is over 13 now, and is losing mobility.   I use a towel sling to help him  down the steps to the yard.   He is such a good boy. 
 They are both hanging out with the dogs here and since they know me well, they don't have a problem being here.
Mizmo says, "Send them all home, or somewhere.  I want control!"   LOL  Poor Mizmo continues to heal, and is happy in his own space.  He is in the dining room-- he can see everyone, since the kitchen and dining room and family room and hallway all connect.   Yes, he's fine that way.   I'm sure he would say HAPPY SUNDAY FROM CAMP RUNAMUCK!  😚


LadyJicky said...

Happy Sunday to all at Camp Runamuck !!! Especially Mizmo in the dining area! LOL

Lost Earring said...

All are at peace (Paddington aside) and content on this Sunday. Mizmo has a wee problem but it sounds like a case of jealousy and envy that he isn't top dog at Camp Runamuck. Just seeing how far Mizmo has come since his sad arrival condition is a miracle in my eyes.