Monday, January 5, 2015


 We just took in a little 11 pound Peke boy.    He has been neglected for a long time.   We named him Raymond.   His paperwork said he was born in 2005, so he'll be ten this year sometime.   Oh, I love the seniors!
 His owners turned him into a shelter in Baltimore, saying they didn't have time for him.  
 His eyes are in terrible shape and we'll know later today if we can save them.   I don't have high hopes.  
He seems very sweet, and we'll do all we can.   If you are interested in helping us foster him, please let us know.    Once blind dogs learn the house pattern, they usually do just fine!
 Fostering is such a great thing to do.    I read this about fostering and it really touched my heart.  I hope it touches yours, too.
"There's a deep sleep that only comes on the first night out of the shelter.   As he settles in, he gives a great big sigh.  Like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.  Then he sleeps deeper than he ever has.   Knowing he's safe.  You get a lump in your throat as you realize how close he came.  Now he's safe.    Forever.  Because you fostered."
Look closely-- Raymond does not have a tail.   We don't know if he was born that way or it was docked at some point.   (Not normal in Pekingese.)   Welcome to rescue, Raymond-- we'll take care of you!

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lady jicky said...

OMG Linda ..... what a lovey guy this is!

OK ... he does not have a tail ( I hate people sometimes) and his eyes but .... what a lovely boy this would be in your family!!!

Linda ... does he have a passport ??