Saturday, January 3, 2015


 Tucker had a great Christmas.   He had friends around and they played so much they had to take rests!
 He was so tired, he "smushed" into the couch cushion and fell asleep.    (I can make up all kinds of words for my blogs.)
 Oh, my, a tired boy...
 and a silly boy!    
 He went on a Christmas trip and met more family members.    As long as mom and dad were close by, he was fine.   I love his jacket!
 He sent his foster mom and dad a card.    If it wasn't for foster parents, these dogs wouldn't have a chance.   Thank you to all of our foster parents!!
Here is Tucker with his mom and dad who loves him SO much.   He is a content and happy little boy!

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lady jicky said...

I am so glad for Tucker.... he has a wonderful life now.