Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 Rosa Lee is one of Lexie's friends.   They haven't actually met, but through their mom, they are big Lexie fans!   They are part of Team Lexie!
 Woola Jane hopes Lexie is getting a lot of rest-- just like she is.   They just moved from one home to another, and it was exhausting!
 Oliver, Rosa Lee and Woola Jane are posing for pictures here.
 Then Oliver got on the Christmas chair-- I love that pillow!
 Rose Lee, I think Woola Jane is trying to tell us something.
 They had a lot of snow over Christmas, but now they are in a warmer place.  
 They had a beautiful Christmas tree.   (I love Christmas!)
 Was that gift for you?
 I think there is a posing party going on.
 They sent me this picture of the sunset-- I had a sunrise near me that was beautiful, too.
The beginning and end of a busy day.
I'm so glad Oliver, Rosa Lee and Woola Jane are Lexie's friends.    One day, maybe they'll meet in person!

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lady jicky said...

I love that snow picture!
Its so hot here!

Aren't Lexie's friends so pretty!