Friday, January 2, 2015


 Bear was not thrilled to have more pictures taken of him.
 Can we get Desi to come over and take my place-- she loves to pose!
 Cassidy and Kipper step in instead.  They are fine with posing.
 I think they are gazing at the beautiful tree and the little baby underneath.   Alex is having his very first Christmas!
 Madge looks stunning-- I love this picture of her.   She is probably over 16 years old and even though she has a heart murmur and other health issues, she just keep on going.
 Rammi was content to sleep while he was being photographed.
 I see one eye open-- are you pretending?
 Wanda looks a lot like Desi from the side--
 but a close up shows she is missing one eye.  It's okay-- she has no trouble seeing.   She goes with her daddy, Roger, to Starbucks every day.
 Dollar says, "My turn again?"
 I like that bell behind you-- are you going to ring it to bring the rest of the gang over?
 Kipper is done!
 One more picture please!   Kipper and Dollar must be looking up at a treat--"Okay, I'll sit here a little longer."
 Dollar and Cassidy are good sports.
I think Rammi is just long-suffering. :-)    They all had a great time though-- and I know they wish all of you a Happy New Year!  

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lady jicky said...

You know .... everyones beautiful in Desi's family!