Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Piglet came to our rescue group almost a year ago.
 His owner had died and the family did not want him.   We thought he was about 8 years old, but it's hard to really know.
 He was such a sweet boy and he was very briefly adopted, but it wasn't a good fit, so he went back to his foster mom.
 He made a brief visit to my house and he was wonderful.    He was such a nice boy.
He died suddenly Saturday night, in his sleep.    The vet said it was his heart.   This can happen and be so unexpected.   We are so very sorry for his loss.    Run free now, sweet Piglet!   I know your mom misses you so much.


Anonymous said...

Farewell Piglet. Your rescue was the beginning of your good life and the one that will accompany you across the rainbow bridge and the life that your keepers will remember with fondness.

Thank you Must Love Pekes for giving Piglet a life of kindness and love.

Lori Meese said...

I'm beside myself with grief. I'm off social media for a while. I'm heartbroken

lady jicky said...

Oh Piglet .... I am so sad and yet you did experience some kindness and love - even for a short time .... better than NO love and kindness at all.

Elisa Davis Martinez said...

so sorry you had to leave this earth. farewell little sweety, have a great journey to the rainbow bridgw and say hello to my heart little Marti