Monday, December 27, 2010


Dasher was a stray at a shelter in Maryland. He had been there since Dec. 6, and no one adopted him. So, he came to us, and because he was sick, we put him in a vet for isolation time and medical care. He was there over the week-end -- and Christmas was coming. I couldn't stand for him to be there over Christmas! Ann, Jon's wife (our calendar person!!) graciously offered to meet me in Richmond with Dasher.
He explored the back yard and was curious about his new Peke friends. But, not one ounce of aggressiveness came out. Just sweetness. We had all the routine tests done on him at my vet. One test was no normal, so more tests will come this week-- if we can get rid of the snow here.
He loves to give kisses. He was on my husband's lap and showing what a nice boy he was.
He can also hop right up on to the couch. He can even hop almost sideways to get up there-- it's something to see! No effort what-so-ever! He is not a big Peke, not even 13 pounds. And he just bounds up there. He is about 2 years old we think. His teeth are white and no tartar, which shows us he's pretty young.
He went to explore the fence line-- there's dogs all around us and he wanted to see them. There is a bloodhound in the yard across the creek and when Dasher saw him, it was the first time I heard him back-- a low bark, not yappy and loud.
He's checking out Roxie behind us.
And then the snow came. No reading the paper and having a cup of coffee in my chair out there.
Or that chair. The snow was up to my calves. Thank goodness I had some boots!
Dasher and Scooter decided to brave it and venture out there. Scooter bounced in the snow-- he loved it!
And Dasher didn't mind a bit-- and it's easy to take pictures of a black dog in white snow!
He came in for a break and jumped up on the ottoman with Max.
And then, it was back outside. It's cold, but it's beautiful! The limbs are weighted down with the snow-- I expect to hear some cracking of limbs breaking at any time. The fence by the creek was coated-- it is just so pretty! This is the first year I haven't minded the cold-- must be that new gas heater we had installed in the fall!
So, I can go out and take pictures and come back in and be toasty.
But, it's fun to go out and watch Pekes in the snow-- and take pictures.
They have discovered that under the deck, there is not much snow. So, Starlight and Coco Puff started the path/tunnel to the "under deck." And the rest followed.
And then, like Dasher, they are all ready to come back in. MORE SNOW PICTURES TOMORROW! Click here: YouTube - DASHER1


lady jicky said...

Oh boy Linda - do you have snow! They were reporting your snow on the eastcoast on our radio today.
I think Dasher is lovely and its great to see that he gets on with other dogs just fine :)
I noted Cranberry stayed inside ! Don't blame her - LOL

Stay warm you lot :)

Jeanne said...

Dasher reminds me of Cooper my very fist PVPC rescue Peke. I'm going to try and find the photo of him. It looks just like him. !!!! He now lives in Kentucky. Hope Dasher's vet visit goes well.

emilyp said...

LOL, I love the Pekes in snow! Dasher looks so happy and sweet, I hope everything is good with his appointments tomorrow. It looks like he and Max are fast friends!