Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is Cooper-- he was adopted several years ago-- he looks a lot like Dasher doesn't he! Jeanne sent this picture. I think Cooper and Dasher are both gorgeous.
Here is Sugar-- she came in with "the four"-- Sugar, Caleb, Katie and Ty-Ty. She was the first adopted and loves her new home. She lives with kids and Shark, her Peke buddy. (He was also adopted from PVPC.)
Here they are taking a nap. I think they were resting up for Christmas. They didn't know a big snow was coming.
Sugar loves her tennis ball. Those mini-tennis balls are a hit with most Pekes. Shark, you are a handsome boy!
Sugar had her first Christmas with her new family. She wasn't sure about the Christmas tree-- don't trees belong outside?
She went out when it first began to snow-- and later went out and started digging through the deeper snow. She knew there was a treasure out there. She found a tennis ball and brought it back into the house.
Here's their deck-- but Sugar is inside pushing her tennis balls under the china closet and then barking for someone to come retrieve it. That sounds very familiar!
Beth and David- Ju Li's foster parents-- took them all out for a walk. Here's Lilly and Wiley. I think Wiley is looking for home!
Ju Li and Missy are leaving lots of footprints in the snow.
And now they're all back in the kitchen, warm and dry. I think that's where most of us are staying right now-- inside!! It's a good place to be!


lady jicky said...

Mmmmmm - I notice Ms Sugar has a PINK BED!!!!!

emilyp said...

So cute!! I love when the Pekes are in the snow:)