Thursday, December 23, 2010


Remember this picture of Katrina when she came into rescue from the Bristol 18 group?

She was so afraid and didn't know what was happening to her.

And there was a Peke in Maryland who, at the same time, was wanting a new friend. Cosmo is thinking about who that will be.

I think he is dreaming about his new future friend. Dreams of playmates and balls and running around the house with a new buddy.

Well, Katrina arrived on the scene. I wonder if this is what he was dreaming of?

And here's Katrina's new mom! I did a blog on her Peke, Cosmo before. (11/15/09)
Katrina came into rescue with Ju Li-- here they are together. They were great buddies in their foster home.
They loved playing together. But, we also know that Pekes can become friends with new dogs. Ju Li is actually trying to play with the rest of the Pekes in her foster home and is playing with toys some now.
Katrina is thinking about all the changes she has gone through-- from a life in a puppy mill, with bad food and water and surroundings----
to a forever home with Cosmo! They are great friends now-- already together on the couch.
Resting comfortably together.
That's what we want for all of them-- great homes like Katrina has now.
Here's a video her new mom sent-- do you think she likes her new home? I know she does! And her new name is Pretty Penny-- in honor of the Bristol 18 Peke who did not make it. We think that's very sweet!
Click here: YouTube - Cosmo and Pretty Penny Playing.AVI

One more picture you will enjoy.
If you click on the picture above, you can enlarge it to see dogs portraying the Nativity. It's all in fun and a cute picture. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


lady jicky said...

I just love how they sit on the top of the couch!

cby said...

I don't think it is coincidental that the nativity scene players are Labs! What other breed would have that type of resigned patience?

Bravo for Katrina! What a wonderful new life she will have!

emilyp said...

I love when Pekes Play...we call it Pekes gone pscyho:p I am so happy to see Pretty Penny doing so well:)