Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Here are Precious and Bear-- two older Pekes who were adopted years ago by a friend, Charlie. Their owner couldn't keep them any longer, and Charlie took them in. They have thrived under his care!!! Bear is over 16 now. This picture was taken when they first arrived.
And here's Precious now--still going strong.
And look at Bear-- what a beautiful happy boy! I think Charlie is one of the best owners I know. And if taking two older ones wasn't enough......
Charlie adopted a blind Peke-- Tigger is in the background here. Tigger had lost both his eyes, but that didn't deter Charlie at all. He knew Tigger needed a home, and his was open! Here he is with Leila, who Charlie put a bell on to be Tigger's "seeing eye Peke."
Look at Tigger now-- he gets around just fine. Dogs don't grieve the loss of their sight like we would. They take some time to adjust and then get on with life. Charlie wants us to know this: Taking in an older pair of Pekes and then a blind Peke, you can't go wrong in this! He said Bear and Precious have brought so much love and affection into his house and knowing that they are father and daughter just made it enjoyable. As for Tiggy, taking in a blind peke was a thrill of a life time. He said that Tigger has run him ragged trying to keep up with him. :-) There isn't any thing that Tigger hasn't done or tried to do.
These three Pekes-- plus beautiful Leila---have done nothing but give Charlie joy and he would recommend that people adopt the older, or special needs Pekes. I agree!! They deserve a forever home, too. Are YOU one of those homes? If you would like to adopt one of our Pekes, just go to our web site at www.potomacpekes.org and look at the wonderful Pekes we have! (Our application is "down" right now, but you can email us at potomacpekes@gmail.com if you are interested in one and we can email you an application if the link on line doesn't work.)


lady jicky said...

Good on Charlie! He is a Peke Hero for sure.

big kisses to Precious, Bear and the wonderful Tigger!

Merry Christmas to you all!

emilyp said...

lovely story and those are 4 very lucky Pekes!

Life* A Blog said...

You know if I was there I'd take one (or maybe even two!) sweet senior Pekes :)

Cate Bach said...

GO CHARLIE! You're awesome!