Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We took Milo into rescue from an owner in Maryland.
Milo is a docile boy-- laid back and loving. His foster mom said he is a real teddy bear.
He loves to go outside and roam the yard.
He also likes to hang out and watch the yard from the screened porch. If you're there, he's fine. He gets along with his foster sister, Chyna and would like to play-- but she's not too sure about him yet. :-) It's okay Chyna. We know you're a bit like my Cranberry. You like your alone time.
He's vegging out on his bed on the deck. He is all fluffy from his bath, but he doesn't like his nails trimmed. Is this a Peke thing? (After all these years of having Pekes, I'm finally trimming nails myself! But, some dogs do better having the vet do it.) Milo doesn't like to be crated-- I'm with him on this! (Okay, you all know how I feel about crates.)
He likes to be in his comfy bed. And he looks beautiful there! He loves a good rub and loves walks around the neighborhood. He does well with dogs, cats, and family members. All around, he is one perfect Peke!! If you are interested in adopting him, just email potomacpekes@gmail.com.


Pekiegirl said...

He's so cute! I wonder why his owner gave him up! As far as the nail thing goes, my Shami is soooo bad about getting his nails trimmed! It's the only time he tries to bite me, and I've been doing it since he was 7 weeks old! Anyone got a suggestion for me? I'm a dog groomer with an unruley pet!

lady jicky said...

He looks lovely Linda and I do like his pink ribbon!

emilyp said...

He looks like the sweetest little boy, I hope he gets hew new furever home real soon!